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Static Residential Proxies Quick-Start Guide

static residential proxies quick-start guide featured

At IProyal, we offer a wide selection of static residential proxies across multiple countries, so our clients have access to a variety of options. We also update our proxy network regularly to ensure our clients can always rely on new proxies for all their tasks. For the full list of available countries and locations, visit our website .

Several things set us apart from other providers. We offer:

  • ISP proxies with unlimited traffic
  • Dedicated IPs
  • SOCKS5 support

On top of that, our plans are highly customizable and cost-effective. The ability to purchase a precise number of proxies starting from just 1 IP per order makes our static residential proxies suitable for all kinds of clients.

In this quick-start guide, we’ll go over all you need to know about our static residential proxies and provide you with the information you need to start using them.

Key Advantages of IPRoyal Static Residential Proxies

  • Highly competitive pricing

We offer discounts on the number of purchased proxies, along with additional discounts for longer periods (5% off with the 60-day plan and 10% off with the 90-day plan) advanced features, high reliability, and excellent customer satisfaction .

  • Excellent location coverage

Our proxies are available in many countries on four continents. We’re also constantly adding new locations. If you need a location we don’t offer, contact our support team and we’ll consider adding it.

  • Premium ISP providers

Regardless of the location you choose, you can rest assured that each IP comes from a premium local internet service provider. We guarantee each IP is 100% residential.

  • High speeds

With speeds of up to 10Gbps and zero bandwidth limits, we offer a reliable solution even for the most bandwidth-intensive tasks.

  • HTTPS & SOCKS5 support

Choose the protocol that suits your needs to get the best results with any usage case.

  • 24/7 support

With an average response time of just 58 seconds, our skilled team of experts is available around the clock and ready to help you set up and make the most of your proxies.

Technical Features of IPRoyal Static Residential Proxies

  • 99.9% uptime

Consistent uptime and reliable connections around the clock enable you to access the resources you need whenever you need them.

  • Dedicated IPs

Each static residential proxy is reserved just for you to offer ultimate online privacy and full control over your online activities.

  • Unlimited traffic & sessions

Maximize your potential with zero traffic and session restrictions for complete online freedom.

  • Easy integration & API support

Optimize your workflow and simplify operations with a hassle-free user experience.

How to Purchase IPRoyal Static Residential Proxies

In this section, we’ll cover the entire process of purchasing static residential proxies. This includes adding funds and payment methods to your account, purchasing and managing your orders, as well as everything else you need to know to make the most of our service.

Adding Funds to Your Account

Once you’ve created your account on IPRoyal, log in to the dashboard.

IPRoyal login prompt

Click on your email address in the top right corner (1) and select Deposit (2) from the drop-down menu.

deposit funds on IPRoyal

In the new window, select your payment method (1). You can also add a credit card to your account and save it by checking the box next to the Save payment method option (2). This is particularly useful if you want to extend your orders automatically. IPRoyal supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal (only available once you confirm your identity)
  • Wire transfer
  • Over 70 cryptocurrencies

Modify the deposit amount and currency fields (3) as needed. Click on Deposit (4).

IPRoyal payment method selection

A window will pop up with information about the transaction. Once you confirm the details are correct, click Continue (5).

IPRoyal order details

Enter the card information in the appropriate fields (6). Click Pay and Save Card (7).

IPRoyal order confirmation

Depending on your card issuer, you might have to complete a verification process. Once you do, you’ll be returned to the Deposit page with a notification that the transaction was completed successfully (8). You will also see the transaction details at the bottom of the page (9). If that’s not the case, refresh the page.

Note: Saving credit card information incurs a one-time fee of $1 per card. Once the info is saved, this amount will be included in your IPRoyal account balance.

IPRoyal deposit confirmation

You can now purchase your static residential proxies.

Purchasing Static Residential Proxies

Our static residential proxies are available in four plan versions - 1, 30, 60, and 90 days. You can select the exact number of proxies you need in each plan. By purchasing a larger number of proxies for a longer period, you can take advantage of our discounts that reduce the starting price significantly (to as low as $1.80 per IP).

Select Static Residential Proxies from the list on the left (1) and click the Create new order button (2).


In the new window, select the plan (3), the location for your proxies (4), the number of proxies (5), and enter any extra requirements you have (6). If you need your order extended automatically, tick the Auto extend order box (7). The system will calculate the price per proxy for you (8) and the total price, which includes discounts based on the plan and the number of proxies (9). Click Confirm (10).

IPRoyal order details

In the new window, you’ll get an order overview. You need to select the payment method here (11). You can use your account balance or one of the available payment methods.

Note: Cryptocurrency payments are only available from the Deposit page. Click Pay (12).

IPRoyal order confirmation

You’ll get an order confirmation containing all the relevant information and the status of your order.

IPRoyal order details

Once the order is confirmed, you’ll get an email. You can return to the Static Residential Proxies page and check your order status at the bottom.

IPRoyal order status

As soon as the status changes to Confirmed, you can start using your proxies.

Once you purchase a plan, you also have the option to extend it for 1, 30, 60, or 90 days by clicking the Extend button in the dashboard.

IPRoyal extending orders

Choosing to renew an active order gets additional discounts (5% off with the 60-day plan and 10% off with the 90-day plan). These discounts stack with the existing ones.

IPRoyal extending orders

When you extend an order, you will still be able to use the time remaining from the original one. For example, if you decide to extend an order for 60 days while you still have 15 days of use left, your proxies will be available to you for the full duration (75 days in this case).

If you require a custom solution for your project, please contact our sales team.

How to Set Up Automatic Order Extensions

Once you save the credit card information, you’ll see it in the list of available payment options (1).

IPRoyal auto extend charge method selection

You can use it to deposit funds to your account balance, but also to extend your orders automatically. To do this, select an active order and change the setting to Enabled in the Order details section (2).

IPRoyal auto extend order feature

Once you enable this feature, the Auto extend settings will become available. In this section, you can choose the Charge method (3) for automatic order extensions - account balance or saved credit cards. Select the appropriate option and click on Save settings (4).

IPRoyal auto extend charge method selection

From now on, this particular order will extend automatically. The system will also include any available discounts you’re entitled to and charge the order to your selected payment method. Whenever an order gets extended, you’ll receive an email.

IPRoyal order extension confirmation email

You’ll also be able to see the automatic order extensions in your orders.

IPRoyal extended orders details

Note: While you can use your account balance as a charge method for automatic order extensions, this feature only becomes available once you add at least one credit card as a payment option to your IPRoyal account.

Also, the automatic extension period depends on the plan you purchased. A 1-day order is automatically extended for one day, a 30-day order is extended for 30 days, and so on. If you want to extend your order for a different period, use the Extend button as described above.

Trial & Refund Policy

We don’t offer a trial period for our static residential proxies. We do offer a 24-hour window in which you can request a replacement or a refund. This offer is only valid if the proxies aren’t working as expected or you’re experiencing issues you can’t solve with the help of our support team. Also, you can test our static residential proxies at a minimal cost by purchasing a 1-day plan (which is non-refundable).

IPRoyal Static Residential Proxies Dashboard Overview

Here’s all you need to know about the IPRoyal dashboard and all the features it offers for static residential proxies.

IPRoyal static residential proxies dashboard

  • Language selection

Here you can set the interface language (English or Chinese).

  • User menu

By clicking on your email address, you’ll get access to account settings, identity verification, and deposit. The account settings page lets you modify your personal information (name, location, phone number, and email), set up two-factor authentication, invoice details, and generate your API token.

  • Create new order

Order more static residential proxies.

  • API documentation

Automate the ordering process, check proxy availability, create and extend orders, change proxy credentials, and more.

  • Static residential proxies info

Currently available locations for static residential proxies.

  • Static residential proxies orders

Your static residential proxies orders and their status. You can filter your orders for easier navigation or search through them based on the notes you left. Clicking the Details button for a particular order takes you to the configuration page for the proxies you purchased.

IPRoyal static residential proxies configuration page

  • Order details

Here you can see your order details, current status, and expiration date. You can also enable automatic order extension.

  • Note

You can use this field to leave a custom note for a particular order for easier filtering and navigation.

  • Change proxies credentials

Here you can set your own username and password for every IP in the order. Select the IP from the drop-down list, fill in the Username and Password fields, and click Change credentials.

  • Product info

This is a list of all the IPs in your order and their current credentials. You can directly copy this information to your clipboard and paste it into your tools.

  • Select port

Here you can pick between HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols for your proxies. The changes will be applied automatically to the IPs in the Product info field.

  • Select format

Here you can set the proxy format that you want to use. While IP:PORT:USER:PASS is the most common one, you can reorder them as needed. The changes will be applied automatically to the IPs in the Product info field.

  • Reset credentials

Clicking this button replaces the existing username and password for all proxies in the order at once.

How to Configure IPRoyal Static Residential Proxies

Before you start using your proxies, you need to set them up. While static residential proxies are pre-configured and ready for use as soon as your order is confirmed, you can still customize them. Here’s a specific example.

1. Let’s say we want to change the credentials for our proxies and set a custom username and password for each IP. We can do that in the Change proxies credentials section. Type in the new username and password in the appropriate fields, or you can let the system generate a password for you by checking the Random password option. Make sure both the username and the password only contain letters and numbers. Once you’re done, click the Change credentials button.

IPRoyal change proxies credentials

Once you’re done, the change will be reflected in the Product info section.

IPRoyal change proxies credentials

2. You can also select the proxy type here (HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS5). If you change this setting, your proxy list will update automatically.


3. Finally, you can customize the format of your proxy credentials to suit your needs. Select the desired format and your proxy list will update automatically, so you can copy your proxy credentials straight to your tools.

IPRoyal static residential proxies format selection

4. If you ever decide to remove custom credentials from your proxies, you can do it manually for each IP as described above or reset all of them by clicking the Reset credentials button.


Why do I need to verify my identity to use static residential proxies?

As part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, all clients will have to confirm their identity before accessing our static residential proxies. Starting with April 1st, 2023, identity verification becomes mandatory. The process only takes a couple of minutes and it’s necessary to ensure the highest possible level of safety and security of our proxies for clients and the company.

Confirming your identity with us also brings several benefits:

  • PayPal as a payment option
  • The ability to purchase as little as one proxy per order
  • API access for easy proxy management.
How long can you use the same IP address?

The IP address you’re using stays the same and is reserved for you as long as your static residential proxies plan is active. If you decide to extend it, the IP address remains the same.

What protocols do static residential proxies support?

Our static residential proxies support HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.

What is the difference between static residential and Royal residential proxies?

Our static residential proxies are sold per IP address and these IPs remain the same for the entire plan duration. They’re also quite affordable and offer unlimited bandwidth. That means you can use them as much as you want without additional fees for consumed data. On the other hand, Royal residential proxies pricing is based on traffic. This plan offers custom IP rotation options with access to over 2 million proxies in 195 locations, and city/state-level targeting.

IPRoyal proxies features

Can I buy one static residential proxy?

Yes, the minimum number of proxies in a single order is 1. You can purchase a static residential proxy for one day, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days.

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